The Best Adventures Begin at Pentwater Outfitters!

Located just one block from Pentwater Lake, there are endless opportunities for "Being On Water" with Pentwater Outfitters. For starters, you want to be prepared for the adventure awaiting you. Pentwater Outfitters carries all the gear to keep you comfortable on the water. Are you looking for a quality kayak or stand up paddleboard that will keep you active as well as support a fun day? Pentwater Outfitters has SUPs (stand up paddleboards) and kayaks to buy or rent! Spending the day or week in Pentwater and want a fun way to get around town? Pentwater Outfitters also has bikes to rent, and even a bike trailer to haul around a paddle board or kayak right on the bike! Owners Gregg and Lynda have a passion for paddling, educating and "Being On Water." They will be sure to make your visit to Pentwater memorable and exciting.


Looking for a fun way to spend your day outside, other than lying on the beach? Try an afternoon on Pentwater Lake, Pentwater River, or Lake Michigan--kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding! Not only is it fun, it's a great way to be active and enjoy nature. These activities are great for all levels of experience, and something to enjoy for an hour or all day! Pentwater Outfitters carries kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards to rent or purchase, and they can even deliver the boat to the location you wish to explore, including the Forks, Estuary, Lake Michigan, and the head of Pentwater Lake...even to your cottage! Prices start at $20 an hour, $45 a day for a single kayak, and $24 an hour, $50 a day for a soft-top SUP. Canoes are $75 a day. There's a $10 delivery fee per vessel for rentals 2 hours or less and $10 flat fee for other. Call the shop for outside area fee. Special deals on weekly rates also available! New to paddling or new to the area? Coached tours and lessons are available!

Bike trailers are available to haul around your kayak or SUP!


There are so many benefits to "Being On Water" on a kayak or paddle board. For starters, it's great fun, and you can catch some sun! It's also extremely beneficial to your's a great workout, yet it's a fairly easy activity. Stand up paddleboards offer a great workout because the paddling motion while standing up is driven by your core. It's also a way to get killer arms! Depending on the effort being put into stand up paddleboarding, a person can burn between 225 to 800 calories an hour. That's broken down into 3 common categories of paddleboarding: recreational light, adventure touring, and competition racing. Recreational light takes the smallest amount of effort, and burns the least amount of calories. Competition racing is the most energy intense level, and can burn around 800 calories per hour. Kayaking can have the same benefits, depending on how much effort is being put into the movement.

When choosing a paddleboard or kayak to purchase, there are many factors to consider, including the condition of the waters you'll be using it on, your ability level, your size and weight, and your personal paddling goals. When buying a board or kayak locally, Pentwater Outfitters has a knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the best board to fit the variables that effect your needs.


Not only does Pentwater Outfitters have clothes, kayaks, and paddleboards...they also have brand new bikes to rent! Spend the day riding all over beautiful, scenic Pentwater. Prices start at $15 for 1-4 hours, or $25 for the whole day (24 hours). Rent a bike for the whole week for $125. Save some gas and get a little fresh air and exercise!

Retail store hours in Pentwater are from 10am to 6pm daily and as needed. Pentwater Outfitters will be operating trips and renting gear for fall color paddles through October - 7 days a week regardless of retail shop hours. Advance reservations recommended. Looking for an early morning or sunset paddle? Just call (231) 869-2999 to arrange!

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